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We are a UK based bespoke software development firm situated in the garden of England. An approachable, dedicated professional team with a forward thinking attitude.

We draw from a comprehensive understanding of available technologies using a robust working methodology to design and build software that perfectly supports and empowers your unique business needs.

  • Web Applications

    Instantaneous deployment, universal access and centrally managed updates

  • Desktop Applications

    When online availability cannot be guaranteed or a high volume of data and processing power is essential.

  • Design

    Outline and comprehensive systems analysis and design. For a thorough and objective appraisal of a proposed projects merits.

  • Mobile Applications

    Integration and development for Apple, Android and Windows mobile platforms.

  • System Integration

    Streamlining or Integration of pre-existing systems

  • Secure Hosting

    We offer hosting inside the most secure data centres in the UK, located within purpose built, ex-Ministry of Defence facilities that are armoured, nuclear bomb proof military specified fortresses.

  • Legacy Modernisation

    Take the bugs, nuances and security risks out of an outdated piece of software by bringing the functionality, scalability and usability upgrades a modernisation will deliver.

  • Project Rescue

    Not all projects go to plan talk to us to see how we can salvage a sinking project.

  • Consultancy

    Insightful, impartial and professional advice.

Our Process

Give us a Call

Give us a call and we can have a brief informal chat about your business and what you are looking for. We will then get the team together and outline some proposals. There is no commitment at this stage so why not get the ball rolling and test our abilities?

Site Visit

Once we have some proposals for you we will arrange a site visit or online meeting to thrash out some of the details. At this stage we can start to get an idea on timescales and costs and discuss a variety of working methods and payment plans to suit you or the project. Regular scheduled or unscheduled meetings are actively encouraged and are essential throughout the evolution of the project.

The Build

We operate an agile development process which means we will aim to implement the product in stages of small releases. At first we will get a proof of concept working version so that you can see things working at a basic level. As we build up each iteration it allows you to have an input in the direction to ensure the objectives are reached.

Sign Off

Once we reach the final development iteration and have completed the testing phases, and we are all happy we will ask you to sign off the project. Then we are live! Signing off doesn’t mean it’s the last you hear from us, far from it. Each project is a personal investment for us, as such we actively promote continued communication.


Today's development for tomorrows demands. A well designed solution should allow the product to adapt and grow and evolve not deconstruct and reconstruct. We are always just a phone call away and offer full, continued support contracts for all our solutions.

Our Values


Value is at the heart of what we do. We want your decision to be based on the fact that it will cost 
more not to adopt our solution so why not challenge us to demonstrate this? If we don’t think we 
 provide sufficient value we will happily let you know.


We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the latest technologies but also keeping in mind 
existing technologies to give us the broadest possible library with which to construct our

User focused

Of course it is essential that any solution works as intended, but we like to go the extra mile
make sure that it is implemented in such a way that it is as intuitive as possible for the end
meaning a shorter training period with fewer chances of mistakes.

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